Joshua Jackson

Traditional Yang Style Taijichuan teacher

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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Also teaches in Henderson Nevada, Las Vegas
Joshua Jackson | Traditional Yang Style Taijichuan teacher

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Hi, I'm Shifu Jackson I have studied Martial Arts for over 40 years, I have been on the Cover of (July/August 2007 Issue) With the Famous Master Jack Fu The Internatiional Wushu, Qigong, Taijichuan Master I have helped produce and Voice over for 7 Martial Arts, Qigong, Taijichuan PushHands videos Including; E-Mei Taiji Single Push Hands and Fajing, E-Mei Taiji Double Push Hands And Neutralizing Power, E-Mei Moving Step Push Hands And Listening Jin, E-Mei Two Person Push Hands Routine, E-Mei Water Taiji With Master Wang Fang Xin, E-Mei Hard Qigong Also Fire Dragon Style of Grand Master Zhang Han Bin the 6th generation Lineage holder of the E-Mei Fire Dragon System, Currently at( produced by TC Media/ I currently teach Taijichuan,Qigong,Push Hands in Las Vegas Nevada currently im on ( under Tai Chi Meetups if interested in classes and or share skills...I am 7th generation Yang Taijichuan Master Shifu,12th Disciple of Xue Li Fu(a.k.a.Jack Fu) of the Lin Mogen, Li Ya Xuan,Yang Cheng fu,Yang Jian Hou, Yang Lu Chan Lineage, Im a Disciple 3rd dan of Grand Master Saul Tallbears Tai Liu Chuan Fa Southern Eagle Claw Temple Boxing 11th generation of the Yueh Le Suu family Lineage as well as studied, Daito Ryu Aikijujitz, Shoto Kan,Goju Ryu under Chujen Tallbear,I am Head Master Instructor For the United States for Setku-Do of Kyoto, Japan studied Jiu Jitsu Kyokushinkai,Seikendo,Goju Ryu Baishokai,Kongozen Shorinji Kempo,Judo under Head Master Nobuhiro Hirahara, I'm 7th Dan Chinese Kenpo,JuJitsu,also studied,firearms,weapons, under Grand Master Darryle Foster im 2nd Dan in Modern Arnis of Remy Presas Jr. And and Master Jose Isidro

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, United States
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Free/$5.00 per person for other locations


Martial Arts

Studied Martial Arts for over 30 years

Nov 1976 - Mar 2009

Educational history

Martial Arts

November, 1976 - March, 2009
Los Angeles China Wushu Association,LA Emei Tian Fu Wushu School,International Wushu San Shou Dao association,Shou Yu LiangsWushu,Taiji, Qigong Institute,China Wushu Association,Tai Liu Chuan Fa Association of America,New International Martial Arts Budo Association, Modern Arnis of Remy p.Presas Marrpio,International Association of Professional Martial Artists


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

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