keith gardner

self defence instructor

Based in
Swindon, United Kingdom
Also teaches in Swindon and Wiltshire
keith gardner | self defence instructor

Rates: £5 per hour

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Keith Gardner
Sandan 3rd Dan Black Belt
Chief Instructor and Founder
Red Lion School of Martial Arts
Free Style Tae Kwon Do and Free Style Kickboxing
Cobra Martial Arts Association (CMAA)
Korean Fighting Arts Association (KFAA)
E-Mail [email protected]
Mobile: 07525027943
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Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.


What do I need to start
It's best just to come in tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt. You need some type trainer Footwear as we train on a wooden floor, and bring some water with you, as will get quite hot!

How old do I need to be to start
Our sessions are for any person over the age of 7years. Go to the training times page to find out times and location directions. Just turn up and get involved!

How much do training sessions cost normally
We run lessons on an hour base Training sessions the cost as from 1st November from £5.00 per hour - £6.00 for 2 hours with No monthly Contracts and no sign up fees.

From £20.00
This Includes your Grade Belt and your Certificate.
All Colour Belt Gradings held Local

Do I need a licence
There is a yearly Licence fee of £15 is also required after two Lessons and it covers you for both styles.
The Licence covers third party member to member liability insurance and is Issued by the Cobra Martial Arts Association. web site:- Please Visit them

Do I have to sign a contract
Absolutely not! Some schools will ask students to sign a contract, which ties the student to that school for a length of time (often for several years). If the student is unable to continue training, for example, he or she moves to another town, the school will still take payments for the remainder of the contract - even when the student is no longer training there! The school may involve debt collection agencies or even take the student to the small claims court, if the student refuses to continue paying.

Do I have to wear a special uniform
Initially loose fitting clothing such as a tracksuit and t-shirt would be fine. We do ask however that if you wish to grade that you wear a regulation RLMA blue uniform. please see your Instructor for costs

Do I have to grade
Free Style Combat Kickboxing It is purely optional. Only if you wish to Grade.

Free Style Tae Kwon Do We would like to think that the challenge of learning a dynamic, thoroughly modern martial art will inspire you to set goals for yourself. The belts you gain in our grading system could be part of this goal-setting. We know, however, that there are as many reasons for doing Tae Kwon Do as there are Tae Kwon Do practitioners around the world. If you are quite happy not to grade we will still be happy to have you as a student.

Can I achieve my black belt
Yes. But you have to earn it. Every black belt member at Red Lion School of Martial Arts has put in years of intense training, pain and sacrifice to get that far. They have earned the right to wear the black belt. Unfortunately many martial arts schools have become belt factories, which hand out black belts to students as young as six after as little as 1 or 2 years training.
At Red Lion School of Martial Arts there exist 11-year old 2nd Dan black belt instructors and black belts over 30 years old who have been training at Red Lion School of Martial Arts for over five years or more, we try to retain the honour that a black belt is supposed to signify. If you wish to achieve your black belt through us, we expect you to put in the same level of effort and commitment that everyone before you has done.
Earning a black belt is far from easy, but you will have our full support at all times

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