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Chinese Tui Na was called ‘An Mo’ or massage in ancient times. The term Tui Na was first seen during the Ming Dynasty. Chinese Tui Na is a therapeutic approach guided by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and was first used to treat paediatric disease through massage manipulations. Tui Na is a very important component of Chinese Medicine alongside acupuncture and herbal prescription.

Today Tui Na has become very advanced in its treatment for many diseases. Used in many of the hospitals in China today in the front line of healthcare, whereas in the west these complaints are not seen in our clinics until they become chronic many days after the incident.

Errol Lynch formed Tui Na UK in 2004 following many years of clinical practice and training in China. The intentions are to spread the word of tuina as an independent cornerstone of traditional Chinese medicine.

Tui Na UK brings you courses, workshops, study tours to china, tui na training DVD and tuina equipment for today's Tui Na practitioner, useful tips and web links.
Tuina UK Are offering a new program to pro and semi pro athletes. (runners, footballers, track and field or even the professional amateur).

Six or twelve months of injury free treatments. Pre and post event massage, you can plan your event calendar with use supporting you injury free.

Tuina sports deep tissue massage
Chinese herbs
Monthly reviews
Massage pre and post event
Over the last 10 years in London and York we have been working with many sports people amateur and professional and their main concern is the finance. To pursue a sport then there is an injury, the loss of that investment is worrying.
Many people can‘t afford the treatment and do not have Bupa, HSA or an insurance plan to cover. The NHS does not really cover sports injuries and they are not so sympathetic In the A&E when you go for treatment. The options are ant-inflammatory, anti-pain, physiotherapy or an operation.

Tuina Treatment

Over many centuries practitioners have created many treatments for disease for example, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Tui na, Cupping therapy, Moxibustion, Qi gong and so on. The massage is an important component of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

What are the benefits?
Tuina massage offers a wide range of benefits, both physiological as well as psychological, increasing wellbeing and the feeling of euphoria tui na speeds up the bodies ability to heal it self.

Neck pain and Stress
Headache, Migraine
Diabetes, Low energy
Back pain, Sciatica
Rheumatism, Arthritis
Joint pain or Moving pain
Ankle or Wrist pain
Sports injuries
What is the procedure for TUI NA massage?
1. Consultation & Examination:
a) Before treatment the practitioner will explain what is tuina and its action.
b) Questions about health and disease. A case history will be taken to ascertain the level of injury/disease and the strength of your own constitution.
c) Tongue and pulse may be taken to ascertain the conditions of the internal organs.
d) Tui na can be used both as a treatment and for diagnosis through the use of palpation on and around the area of complaint.

2. You will be asked to remove your jewellery and shoes. The treatment is done in prone, supine or seated. The practitioner will instruct you to the appropriate position for the massage.

3. You will be covered with a cotton sheet then various hand, finger and elbow techniques through the cotton sheets will be performed. During a sports or dance injury massage session clothing may be removed to protect them from special oils, which may damage clothing.

4. After the treatment advice may be given on Dietary, Lifestyle and exercise to lessen the effect of disease and to strengthen your constitution.

F A Qs
View Tuina poster Q. How does Tuina work?
A. Tuina is sometimes called trauma therapy, breaking down scar tissue to speed up the healing process and increasing the blood flow to a damaged area.

Q. How long is a treatment?
A. Most treatments last from 30mins to 60mins

Q. Do I have to undress?
A. A protective sheet is placed over the fully clothed patient. For general massage you will not be required to remove any of your clothes except your footwear.

Q. How firm is the massage?
A. The massage is very firm and where there is damaged tissue it may be uncomfortable.

General Tuina
From £40
The massage will loosen tight muscles, invigorate tired muscles assist in lymph drainage, invigorate the blood and generally relax the whole body. Commonly used by those unable to get away from their computers and feel stressed around the neck and shoulders.

Sports Injury Tuina
From £45
Used as a remedial massage to treat any muscle group or joint. Special oils may be used to help break down scar tissue, stop bleeding and to maintain blood circulation. Tight muscles are relaxed then stretched. The areas worked on are the origin and insertion of the muscle, Channels and acupuncture points. Other therapies used during the treatment of injury are Moxibustion, Cupping therapy, Hot compress and Infra red heat lamps and traction.

Medical Tuina
From £55 (includes herbs)
After deep tissue massage Chinese herbs are given to speed up the healing process. The herbs used are in the patent form tablets, which would be taken daily. This treatment can be used for many ailments including diabetes, stroke, arthritis, anaemia and weak constitution. A more comprehensive herbal formula can be made to suit your needs in granular powder or capsule form.

One-to-one lessons

Group Classes

Student to Master Courses

Upcoming Courses
London (starting May 2010)
Café Beans and Greens
131 Drummond Street

Edinburgh (starting May 2010)
Shivago Thai Clinic
25 Blackfriars street

Workshop includes

60 hours theory
120 Internship
Course notes
Tuina training DVD
Tuina blanket
Tuina jacket (must be pre ordered M-L and XL)

It's a: 
London & Edinburgh
, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
May 2010
£1350 plus £100 deposit


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

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