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LILI low-impact living initiative | environmental courses organiser

Rates: £60-£100

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LILI is a non-profit organisation promoting practical ways you can reduce your impact on the environment, learn new skills, save money and have fun. Contact us to find out more about our residential weekend courses, manuals & books, factsheets, and online shop.
LILI, Redfield Community, Buckingham Rd, Winslow, Bucks, MK18 3LZ.
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Group Classes

Pedal Powered generators - Manchester

Want to make your own emissions-free electricity, independent of fossil fuels and expensive solar arrays and wind turbines?
Discover how to use your own bike as part of a small power station, capable of powering computers, stereos, TVs and other small household appliances. This method makes a great use of your bike when you’re not riding it around town. In just one day find out all you need to know to assemble a bike-powered generator. The classroom will be bike-powered throughout the day.

The course is run by those magnificent guys and gals at Magnificent Revolution, and covers:

·national grid vs micro-power generation: a brief history of the development of the national grid and the benefits of local electricity generation

·health & safety
·basic electronics for beginners: know your watts from your volts
·bike requirements: is your bike suitable or not?
·turbo-training stands: where to find them; building your own and how to modify them
·motors: converting electric motors to dynamos
·storing electricity: how to convert DC to AC using inverters; what batteries to use
·what can you power?

Basic DIY skills would be an advantage but are not necessary to take part in the course.

Book online at

It's a: 
Hulme Community Garden Centre
Manchester, North, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
10am until 5pm on 2nd October
£60.00 with a 10% discount for friends of LILI

Solar Electric - Bristol

This course is for anyone wanting to install their own system in their home, vehicle or boat, or to understand a system that someone else installs for you.

There are two parts to a solar electric system:

1. collecting energy from the sun and turning it into electricity or storing it
2. putting this energy to use, by using it as direct current electricity (DC) or converting it to 'mains'-style alternating current (AC)

The course includes theory:
·understanding the relationship between voltage, current and power
·understanding the appropriateness of different types of panels for different circumstances
·understanding different types of inverters
·understanding different methods of storage / batteries
·grid-connect and off-grid systems
·special consideration for mobile / vehicle systems
·ROCs & the upcoming 'feed-in tariff' - how to make money from an on-grid system
·clarifying your own power needs before you start spending or building
·planning for system growth; budgeting; adding to your system and practical sessions:
·understanding what to expect from panels, and measuring it
·wiring and connecting systems, including panels, batteries, inverters etc.
·connecting a system and measuring the electricity produced
·understanding how to optimise and protect your system - charge controllers and circuit breakers

book online at LILI

It's a: 
Windmill Hill City Farm
Bristol, South West, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
25th September 10 am until 5pm
£60 with a 10% discount for friends of LILI

Cheesemaking 2 day course - Edinburgh

This course is taught by Mark Robertson from the Northumberland Cheese Company.

The aim of the course is that you will have insight into the manufacture of hard cheese and will be able to make simple soft cheese. The main aspects will be:

* practical introduction to the manufacture of hard and soft cheese.
* theoretical and craft aspects of cheesemaking which will be covered as appropriate during the two days.
* discussions covering hygiene, milk supply, starters, rennet, equipment and regulations.

The course will be using cows’ milk and is hands-on, so please come in old clothes with a clean apron or old shirt to wear as protection. No jewellery or watches and no nail varnish. Hats will be provided.
Notes and recipes for the course will be provided.

Book online at

It's a: 
Gorgie City Farm
Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
Arrival at 10am on 18th September Finishing at 5pm on 19th September
£120.00 discounts:10% for Friends of LILI



It's a: 
Bill quays city farm
Gateshead, Newcastle, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
September 4,5th 10am till 5pm

make your own natural skin care products

It's a: 
Centre of the earth, Birmingham
, Midlands, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
July 3rd 10am till 5pm

building an earth oven

please visit for more info and booking options.

It's a: 
Hulme community gardens, Manchester
, Manchester, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
April 10th 10am till 5pm


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