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luis carro | Flamenco guitar lessons teacher

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In this section you will find information on:

General Introduction
Traditional one to one Flamenco Guitar Lessons
General information about my teaching work
Prices of lessons

General Introduction:

I have loved flamenco all my life and I started playing flamenco guitar as a child in Spain. Now I take a real pleasure in sharing what I know with aspiring flamenco guitarists.

I can help you with:

Solo guitar playing
Accompaniment of Flamenco Dance
Accompaniment of Flamenco Singing

Traditional one to one Flamenco Guitar Lessons:

These lessons are given in E1 London, UK.
You can take as many or as few as you like. Many of my students travel very long distances to study in this way and sometimes prefer to take a 2 hour lesson every few weeks instead of a regular 1 hour weekly lesson.
You can decide how often and of what duration you would like the lesson to be.
You are welcome to record the lesson any way you wish, with camera or sound recording as you prefer.
If you write to me with your ideas we can discuss a reasonable price.

Here is more general information about my teaching work:

Master classes in flamenco guitar techniques
Workshops in accompanying flamenco dance and solo playing
Individual flamenco guitar classes covering each student’s preferences
Solo playing
Techniques such as Rasgueo,Alzapúa,Picado,Golpe,Arpegio
Accompanying flamenco singing
Accompanying flamenco dance

Each person has their own reason for wanting to seek flamenco guitar tuition.
Some people like a specific piece (palo flamenco) of flamenco music while others may like the compositions of a specific guitarist.
The flamenco guitar student is encouraged to focus on those aspects of flamenco guitar playing which they find most interesting.
Luis is a flamenco guitar teacher who is commited to helping flamenco guitar students to achieve their aims.

Luis teaches all aspects of flamenco guitar playing:
Students learn all flamenco guitar techniques as well as how to produce an authentic Spanish flamenco sound together with the correct rhythm and phrasing for each piece.

Prices of lessons:

The lessons, unless the student find a partner or group, are individual.

The price of a single class, is £25.

If you want to come every week, the price is £90 per month (4 classes).

Before starting with the first class if you want you can have a personal interview with me, and you can ask me all your questions.




Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Make an enquiry Phone: 07580378518

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