neil sparkes

martial arts instructor

Based in
Basildon, Essex, United Kingdom
Also teaches in clients home

Rates: £20 per hr one to one instruction

Make an enquiry Phone: 07870905578

My journey into the Martial Arts began at the age of 13 in Tang Soo Do, which is a Korean form of Karate, under Master Loke. I did this for a very short time - around three months. For the next 13-14 years I didn't learn any Martial Arts at all.Then, in August 2000, I started training in Wing Chun Kung Fu, under the tution of Sifu Ashley Philips (UKWCKFA ASSOCIATION), who is a highly-skilled Wing Chun practioner. I trained hard four times a week for a few years. I managed to reach an advanced level and was also the assistant instructor at the Canvey Island branch. After training a few years in Wing Chun, I realised this system lacked Ground-Fighting skills. So after a lot of research i came to the conclusion that Gracie Jiu Jitsu was the best Ground-Fighting system available out there. So I bought a book and started teaching myself through the information on its pages with my good friend and training partner Vince Carter. I educated myself from the book for about two months, then, through complete luck, i found a Royce Gracie seminar being held fairly local to where i lived. During training with Royce Gracie at the seminar, I met Dan Burzotto, a world class Ground-Fighter (who in 2011 became the 1st Royce Gracie Black Belt in Europe). I started training with Dan Burzotta (TSGMMA) in 2005 and after three years of one-to-one lessons with him, and training hard on my own, he awarded me my Blue Belt. From then on, I started training in Muay Thai with the very talented kru Brad Goldberg (BENFLEET MUAY THAI CLUB), as I really liked their style of leg blocks , knees and clinch work, which I believed could be added into my own system. I also learnt Boxing through the Muay Thai training I had undertaken. In 2009, I started training in Judo with a well respected Judoka called Sensei Dean Bolton (CANVEY ISLAND JUDO CLUB), learning additional throws and takedowns, as well as how not to be thrown or taken down. I only went for four months, reaching yellow belt, but I tapped out every person in the class - all the blue belts and the brown belts. For the last 10 years, I have trained with a very talented guy called Vince Carter, who has trained for over 20 years in various arts; including Karate, Tai Chi Chuan, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Kickboxing, Jui Jitsu, Knife Fighting and using a Samurai Sword. When training with someone with a different background you cannot help but pick up bits and pieces that you find practical and useful yourself, increasing your own knowledge in the process. I also still train with Sifu Ashley Philips, who is also a very good Ground-Fighter as well as an expert in Wing Chun Kung Fu. I still practice now and will never stop learning or training, as there is still so much more for me to pick up. Peace.


Aimed at: Beginner and Intermediate.

Make an enquiry Phone: 07870905578

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