Ollie Batts

Martial Arts Savate Kickboxing & Fitness instructor

Based in
Cambridge, United Kingdom
Also teaches in Cambridge, nationwide and abroad
Ollie Batts | Martial Arts Savate Kickboxing & Fitness instructor

Rates: Private non-member rates £36ph. Discounts for CAMA members. 2 people can also share sessions and the cost.

Make an enquiry Phone: +447709814422

Ollie has trained in the martial arts for well over 30 years, and he is widely recognised for his knowledge and skills in a wide range of martial arts training and applications.

Ollie’s teaching qualifications include:

Savate ~ Professor
Combat Sombo ~ 4th degree black belt
Doce Pares Eskrima ~ 4th degree black belt
Kuk Sool / Hapkido ~ 3rd degree black belt
JKD / Kali-Silat ~ Level 2 instructor
Panantukan ~ Level 2 instructor
Taekwondo ~ 1st degree black belt

Group Classes

Cambridge Academy of Martial Arts® (founded in 1989)

We offer the finest in multi–cultural, multi–discipline martial arts and combat sports. We call this 'Integrated Fighting Arts' training. Individual elements include:

• Savate (authentic kickboxing)
• Doce Pares Eskrima & Pangamot
• Jun Fan/Jeet Kune Do (JKD)
• Kali/Silat, Panantukan & Boxing
• Grappling & Submission Fighting
• Cambo/Sombo & Hapkido
• Canne de Combat, and more...

There are many benefits from training in the martial arts and being actively involved in combat sports – whether as a competitor, coach or official including:

• A new interest and fresh challenges in life
• Improved physical fitness & conditioning
• Enhanced self–confidence
• Self–defence knowledge and skills
• Greater understanding of oneself
• Meeting others and making new friends

Further training opportunities:
In addition to our regular evening training sessions, we also offer daytime and weekend private tuition and group workshops / seminars. These sessions are entirely client-based, which means that you can choose what you most want to focus on.

Please visit our website: www.cama.org.uk

It's a: 
St. Bede's Sports Hall, Coleridge Gym, Netherhall School, The Leys Sports Complex.
Cambridge, Cambs, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
Mon 6.30 - 8pm, Tues 7 - 9pm, Weds 7 - 9pm, Thurs 7 - 9pm, Fri 7 - 8.30pm.
£20 for a four-night flexible trial (£15 Students)


Martial Arts history

37 years involvement in the martial arts

Founder (July 1989), Director & Senior Instructor of Cambridge Academy of Martial Arts® and also co-founded the Women's Awareness & Self-Protection group (WASP) in 1989.

Doce Pares Eskrima - 4th Degree Black Belt (May 2007)

Savate (boxe & defence) - Professeur (Apr 2007). Co-founding member of the Great Britain Savate Federation (in 1998) and President since 1999

JKD/Kali-Silat - Level 2 Instructor (Feb 2004)

Filipino Panantukan - Level 2 Instructor (Feb 2004)

Combat Sombo - 4th Degree Black Belt (Sept 1995). Author of the book, 'Combat Sombo - Russian Martial Art' (1996)

JKD/Kali - Level 2 Instructor (Sept 1995)

Kuk Sool - 3rd Degree Black Belt (Sept 1989) and the first English person to achieve black belt in Kuk Sool (in Nov 1977)

Sulkido (British KukSool) - 2nd Degree Black Belt (Apr 1982)

Tae Kwon Do - 1st Degree Black Belt (May 1976)

Sep 1973


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.


Sessions cancelled more than 24 hours in advance are not charged for.

Sessions cancelled between 12 and 24 hours are charged at half fee.

Sessions cancelled with less than 12 hours notice are charged full rate.

Make an enquiry Phone: +447709814422

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