Piercarla Garusi

spiritual life coaching coach

Based in
Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Also teaches in Edinburgh, Glasgow, UK wide and internationally
Piercarla  Garusi | spiritual life coaching coach

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As a Spiritual Life Coach and artist, Piercarla is committed to help people reconnect with who they truly are, discover their real power and help bring about healing in the human family.

Here is a short summary of some of her current work:

* Coaching to the Soul with Metaphysics to help you:

~ live deeply
~ uncover your magnificence
~ connect with who you really are, your ethics, values, passions and life purpose
~ master your mind, discover your real power and learn how you can manifest reality
~ let go of the limitations from the past and the cultural and societal conditioning
~ learn how to overcome adversity
~ develop your spirituality and feel connected with the Universe, God, Consciousness or Source Energy
~ be in the flow of wellbeing, abundance, joy, magic and miracles
~ improve all your relationships
~ feel good about yourself
~ love yourself
~ find the career you really love
~ find your flow and have effortless ease
~ create a life where you do only what brings you joy
~ create the life you want no matter how stuck you feel you currently are
~ improve your intuition, inspiration, creativity, wisdom
~ know how to find your spiritual guidance
~ have true fulfilment, peace, joy
~ find a meaning to your life
~ find your unique contribution to humanity

* Group/Corporate Coaching for:

~ communication from the heart
~ humanity in the workplace
~ wellbeing
~ cross cultural

* Paintings for a Shift in Consciousness:

~ to inspire you, to help you connect with transcendence, to help bring about a shift in consciousness.

Piercarla says: 'When I begin a painting I often do not know what is going to come out; if I try to control it with the mind, if I try to figure out, it prevents it from coming out, it blocks the flow of intuition, of inspiration, of creativity, of Spirit; or if I have somewhat an idea, I need to let go of the how it is going to manifest; I feel the colour is right, then I let the painting flow. I know I need to get out of the way and allow the messages in my paintings to emerge....' Continues here: http://www.piercarla-paintings.co.uk

More information on http://www.pgcoaching.co.uk and

Her coaching is values based and it is based on NLP, hypnosis, metaphysics, spirituality and more advanced techniques and principles.

She coaches individually UK wide and internationally via the telephone and Skype, in Edinburgh, UK, face-to-face. For groups and corporate coaching she travels UK wide and internationally.

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