Shakeel Shaikh

Manager/Consultant trainer

Based in
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Also teaches in Jordan, KSA, lebanon, pakistan, UAE
Shakeel  Shaikh | Manager/Consultant trainer

Rates: Various as per the case

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I am a consultant who can help/train on elearning, instructional design, training workshops, online training of students/employees, analyzing training needs, and provide the required resources and facilities


I possess strong instructional design and development skills including the ability to perform needs/task analysis using a recognized instructional design model and convert findings into behavior-based curricula

I can help you in appreciation of innovation and the application to e-learning such as Web 2.0, collaborative learning, game-based learning, and rapid development techniques

I possess knowledge of the main accessibility standards and their application to web-based training

I am also experience in creating blended learning solutions

I can help you in appreciation of Global aspects of learning including cultural changes, language and diversity

I have knowledge of the main e-learning standards such as SCORM 1.2

I can analyze minds and the required method of teaching those minds based on their inclinations towards the means of teaching

I have Seven years experience of client-facing/online instructional design and training in a range of media (Simple text image, power point presentations, Flash inter-actives, Video, Audio etc.) in probably all subject matters

I can provide Consultancy services to clients on content requirements and instructional approaches and identifying the optimal media approach to achieve the learning objectives

I can act as medium between minds and hands (Subject experts & production team)teams to drive creativity and innovation in the materials

I can coach and support client Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) during content development

I can analyze existing courseware to suggest enhancements and updates

I can create learning specification documents including Learning Outlines and Learning Objectives and storyboards from client and subject matter expert meetings and independent research

I can work with Subject Matter Experts to identify what students need to learn

I can develop learning objectives and ensure content matches those objective

I can revise and rewrite content to shape it for learning needs

I can structure content and activities for student learning

I can create media to support learning (e.g., visual aids for face-to-face, various multimedia for e-learning and online)

I can develop assessments (note that this does not only mean tests)
Adapt instructional materials created for one format to another format (usually this is adapting materials from face-to-face to e-learning)



Sr. Consultant eLearning & instructional Design

Sr. Consultant/Trainer, eLearning/Instructional Design Manager
Universal Knowledge Solution
Dubai Knowledge Village, United Arab Emirates

Company Industry: eLearning /Learning & Development
Job Role/Department: Sr. Consultant eLearning/Instructional Design/Training & Development

This is an elearning company. It provides the most innovative education solutions available by using well demonstrated learning models and state of the art content delivery systems to both our academic (i.e. universities all over the Middle East) and corporate clients (i.e. banks, petroleum organizations, IT companies etc.). We deliver a comprehensive range of learning products and services that serve to develop employee skills and maximize performance.

My role has been versatile in this company that includes:

• Heading a team of Instructional Designers and Content Developers (both In-house and remote ones i.e. Lebanon, Jordan etc.);
• Training the Subject Matter Experts (i.e. professors of our client universities etc.) as well their technical team or newly hired people; training can stretch from elarning, LCMS, LMS to the basics of pedagogical or andragogical skills;
• Supervise and get implemented the complete process of elearning & instructional design for different projects for the clients including both the academic as well as the corporate ones;

When working on an elearning project for a client, for example, with a university, my role, in addition to above, includes the following:

• Meetings with clients on Project Objectives/requirements/proposals;
• Analyzing the content, meeting with SMEs, and Target− audience to finalize the ID process selection and designing templates for the selected process;
• Preparing Blueprints(helping SMEs);
• Preparing Layouts (with graphic designers and programmers);
• Enriching the provided content;
• Final Text Content approval / editing;
• Storyboarding (practically showing how to do it to my team and check their work for improvements);
• Meeting with SMEs for storyboard approvals;
• ID management Planning and Documentation;
• QA the final courses and maintenance;
• Traveling to different countries to train the client team on elearning development processes.

1. King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Al Dhahran, KSA
My Main Role:
• Associating with the Project Manager to set the project goals, analysis , design, development, implementation and evaluation parameters and time frame, keeping in sight the budget and available resources
• Training the Subject Matter Experts (Professors with Phds.) on eLearning, learning- styles, theories & models. ADDIE, e-specific content, Course Blueprints *.& Blackboard (LMS) usage.
• Leading/supervising the group of Instructional Designers & developers on ID process & e-material development
• Acting as a liaison between SMEs & development eam
• Research on internet to provide e-specimen to both the team and the faculty
• Document management & tracking on LearnExact
• Meeting with the SMEs on project progress and material enhancements as well as QA
• Traveling abroad to train our external team on the project specific goals & quality improvements
2. Al-Ahliya University, Amman Jordan
My Main Role:
• Analyze the persona of the SMEs (Subject Matter Experts, 300 in number)
• Based on the persona create the online assessment test to select the top-notch of the professors for the five year eleaning project
• Check their tests and select the top-30 for training
• Conduct a 15 days long workshop to train those selected SMEs on eLearning, Learning Objects, learning- styles, theories & models. ADDIE based ID process, e-specific content, Course Blueprints *. And Sakai & Moodle(CLMS) usage.
• Acting as a liaison between SMEs & the developing team
• Research on internet to provide e-specimen to both the team and the faculty
3. GASCO, Abu Dhabi
o Maximo applications e-training material development
o ADCO Oracle applications e-training material development
4. ADCO, Abu Dhabi
• Defensive Driving e-Course

Nov 2006

Lead Instructional Designer:

I was selected by a US based company (through IQ Test) as an ID-trainee and then I went through a hardcore training by the experts from the United States for six months. Based on my performance I was directly promoted to LID position. I headed a team of "Instructional Designers / Content Developers. We used to develop and design educational and training materials for the USA and Canada based audiences which happened to be the students as well as the professionals on the different levels of their career paths.

My main role had been:
• Heading a team of Instructional designers and content developers and train them
• Training the clients online as well as directly on elearning and etraining
• Creating course strategies, guidelines and specification documents
• Designing, writing and reviewing ILTs, CBTs and WBTs
• Analyzing and implementing feedback at various stages of product development
• Project co-ordination and team management - estimation, planning etc.
• Interacting with cross-functional project teams

Besides the above, I had had extensive meetings (video conferences) with my supervisors and the production team in Austin. I mainly dealt with: Engineering, Security Personnel, Defensive driving, OSHA regulations & compliance, Hospitality, Cosmetology related training and course materials. Clients were both academic and corporate

I also served as a trainer; I trained my members and other verticals' members as well, on Instructional Design, elearning, skills-improvements. I had been abroad to attend workshops on ID process and then transferred the knowledge and the expertise to my team members

Dec 2002 - Nov 2006

Educational history

Masters, Economics

January, 1995 - April, 1997
SALU, Pakistan

Civil Engineering, DAE

August, 1991 - August, 1993


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.
Online teaching offered


Advance Fee

No Refund Policy

One Hour a day classes for 3 days a week

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