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Solihull, United Kingdom

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I am a qualified British Wheel Yoga Teacher; I run Hatha style yoga class in Solihull.

The content is : Hatha Yoga -- the most commonly practiced form of yoga today. Emphasis is placed on physical postures or exercises, known as asanas, with the goal of balancing the opposites in one's life. During Hatha yoga sessions', flexing is followed by extension, a rounded back is followed by an arched back, and physical exercises are followed by mental meditations.

Breathing lessons -- in yoga, breath work is known as pranayama. Pranayama increases blood circulation and reduces oxygen consumption, which brings more oxygen to the brain, and improves the efficiency of oxygen use in the body. Also, as lung tissue becomes more elastic and the surrounding muscle more flexible, the practice of pranayama can also increase lung capacity. Getting ample air into our lungs helps us to feel alert and focused.

Asanas (postures) -- provide a gentle workout that enhances strength, flexibility, and balance. Some asanas are designed to massage the internal organs, improve circulation, hormone function, digestion, and other body processes.

Meditation -- stills the mind and induces both physical and emotional relaxation.


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