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Zeenat Cameron | meditation and personal development teacher

Rates: courses £40 for a day event; private sessions £40 an hour, although negotiable for low waged.

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I have studied and practiced extensively for around twenty-five years in the Buddhist, Taoist, Yogic, and Tantric wisdom traditions. This has included travelling in India and spending time in ashrams in India and elsewhere. In particular I now practices on the Kaula Path, a branch of Kashmiri-Shaivism, under the guidance of my teacher Ma Parvathi Nanda Nath Saraswati, lineage holder of several Tantric traditions of yoga and meditation. In this tradition, from North India, we work with yoga, visualisation, energy work, the use of sound in the form of mantra, inner enquiry, and in particular with meditation.

I qualified as a clinical psychologist in 1991, and worked as a psychotherapist, both privately and in the NHS, for seventeen years, being trained in various modalities, including depth psychology, psychodynamic approaches, personal construct theory, and cognitive behavioural therapy. I have a broad experience of working in adult mental health, dealing with many types of issues, from post-traumatic stress disorder, addiction and depression, to relationship and self-esteem issues. A lot of my work as a therapist was very much about enabling people, not only to heal emotionally, but to find their own wellspring of inner resources, and to live the passionate truth of who they really are. In my current work offering consultations, it is very much about working with my clients on their path of spiritual and personal unfolding, using whatever tools and approaches works best for them, from psychological tools to perhaps visualisations and meditation and energetic approaches from the meditative traditions.

Through my company, Insight for Wellbeing, I run classes and workshops on a variety of topics from beginner and intermediate classes in mindfulness meditation, to meditations on the Tantras, the ancient Hindu Yogic texts that describe simple yet powerful methods of attaining deep states of awareness and liberation, to 'Transforming Emotions' where we work with meditations from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition to transform the energy of emotion into positive enlightened states such as clarity, joy, bliss, wisdom and equanimity. On the courses there is a strong focus on the teaching of meditation techniques, and on inner enquiry, combined with psychological approaches to understanding ourselves. Again it's very much about helping the people who come along to find their own resources, so they can grow and unfold on their own paths, and to live as the vital, blissful, peaceful and loving creatures us humans are at heart.

I've also trained in massage therapy, aromatherapy and in Taoist pulsation, a system of healing and personal transformation based on Taoist five element theory, acupressure and meditation.

Group Classes

Mindfulness Meditation: Going Deeper

This day, called 'Mindfulness: Going Deeper' is suitable for those with some previous experience of meditation. It will focus on helping us refine and deepen our meditation practice and look at how to practically deal with the issues which come up for all meditators, such as how to:
Keep our practice alive, fresh and enjoyable
Deal with resistances and challenges which arise in meditation, like boredom, restlessness, lethargy or difficult emotions.
Use these challenges to expand our meditation, and to go beyond the habits of the mind into deeper levels of inner stillness, peace and bliss.

There will be teaching on the four foundations of mindfulness, which include mindfulness of body, mindfulness of effort, mindfulness of mind and mindfulness of life, and the foundations will be used to guide our practice.

The day will include several sitting meditation sessions and time for sharing and discussion. It is to be led by Zeenat Cameron, an experienced meditation teacher with a background in the Buddhist, yogic, and secular mindfulness traditions. Zeenat has practiced and taught for twenty-five years and also worked for many years as a clinical psychologist.

The day runs from 11am till 5.30pm and costs £40 including veggie lunch.

To find out more about this event and our other courses please visit the website: www.insightforwellbeing.co.uk, or contact Zeenat at [email protected] or on 0790 813 2256.

It's a: 
11c Allerton Park
11c Allerton Park, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
Several times a year. Contact me to register your interest or please visit www.insightforwellbeing.co.uk
£40 including vegetarian lunch

Day Event in Mindfulness Meditation

To Book: www.insightforwellbeing.co.uk
Contact: Zeenat on 0790 813 2256 or [email protected]

Would you like to learn how to meditate or deepen your current practice? This day long course in mindfulness meditation will give you the tools you need to begin a regular practice.

Mindfulness can be learned by anyone and is a good place to start if you are beginning meditation as well as being a more experienced practitioner.

It is a simple yet profound practice that brings us fully into the present moment, restful yet alert. This happens when we bring our attention to some process such as our breathing or our bodily sensations and simply witness them without judgement.

Recent scientific research has established a wide range of positive effects, such as stress relief, improved health and happiness, increased mental performance and feeling more in control of our lives. In essence we learn how to master our minds and emotions rather than being enslaved by them.

During the day we will practice a few different mindfulness techniques.

The course is taught by Zeenat Sandra Cameron, an experienced meditation teacher and group facilitator who has studied extensively for twenty-five years in the Buddhist, Taoist, and Yogic traditions. She also trained as a clinical psychologist and has twenty years of experience as a psychotherapist.

It's a: 
Allerton Park
Leeds, West Yorks, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
Day course held every six weeks. Please contact me to register your interest or visit www.insightforwellbeing.co.uk
£40 including vegetarian lunch

Educational history

Master of Science in Clinical Psychology

September, 1989 - September, 1991
University of Leeds


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.


Please check out the booking form on my website for details of cancellation policies for courses. If you want to book a 1-to-1 session please contact me directly.

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