Credit it affecting you too?

I've been teaching for 6 years now and getting busier every year...until October 2008.

As a knitting teacher, Sept-Dec is my busiest time of the year...classes book up up to six weeks in advance. But Oct 08 was like a ghost town for Knitting SOS. My years finances have averaged out pretty healthy due to a couple of big jobs last Spring, but I'm noticing that I can't fill classes as easily as I was 12 months ago.

Has anyone else found this and do they have any suggestions to inspire people to learn?

I know that if I can get someone to book one knitting class, it's very likely they'll be instantly addicted and come back for more, it's just finding new students that's a concern. I want to have a Plan before things get really bad.

I've run Credit Crunch discounts (buy one class, get one half price), 10% off bulk buying sessions and I'm trying to invent new things I can teach, but even my usually popular Easter Egg Bunny session is woefully under booked and I'm getting worried.

I'm hearing pundits say that if a small business can make it through 2009 in one piece, they'll make it through anything...the battle is making it through this year...and I want to make it!

I'm interested to know if this has affected you, your classes and bookings, or if you are a learner, your willingness to start a new course/classes.



Hi Aneeta,

I think you may find that if you advertise with the local schools and colleges e.g knitting classes from ??/??/09 to ??/??/09 and say students will get 10%off first class and 20% of second class if booked within 6 months of each other.

you may find this helps, and some of the student associations may pay for you to come and run a one day work shop on say cabling.

as to the money factor I work full time to fund what I'm doing in the retail sector, in the meantime so best of luck with what your up too.


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