Re: your views

School of Everything uses reviews to make the task of choosing something just that little bit easier. They give our members a chance to tell the world what makes it special.

We use reviews to calculate our "Gold Star Rating".

How does it work?


1. Write a review.

Write what you thought, with an eye to helping other School of Everything members choose the right thing for them.

2. Star ratings.

We want School of Everything members to reach for the stars, all 5 of them. Rate honestly so they know what they need to do to aim for them all.

3. Read reviews and choose.

Read reviews by other members to help you make an informed choice.

Helpful stuff

How do I make a review?

To make a review you simply go to the thing or person you'd like to review, click on their reviews tab, we'll tell you what to do there.

How do I review a teacher?

To review a teacher you simply go to their profile and click on their reviews tab, we'll tell you what to do there.

Are all reviews visible to School of Everything members?

No not all reviews are visible to members. Teachers can choose whether or not to show their reviews but will calculate and display the teachers overall rating, taking into account all reviews, even the ones they don't publish. Reviews for venues, courses and organisations are always published.

For some general help have a little look here.


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