Three Generations

This is a subject dear to my heart as I am living with actually four generations of our family in very close proximity just now. This range of age groups, each with its own belief systems, experiences and perceptions of the world brings with it a number of interesting challenges and life is never dull!

Our world has changed so significantly over the last one hundred years that it is no surprise that there are such huge differences in expectations, understanding and feelings in each generation.

My mother, who is 90 this year, remembers horse and cart transport, gas lights, men taking off their caps to their superiors and the horrors of war. My grand-daughter has lived with cheap air travel, electronics, internet, comparative peace and feeling that her thoughts and views are as important and valuable as anyone’s. My mother’s world was one of rules and regulations, strict social behaviour and one’s sense of place in the social order. Since she was born the Age of Aquarius has arrived with its freedom of expression, equality of all and the importance of self responsibility. This is in marked contrast to the regulated and controlled Age of Pisces. So she gets bothered by the freedom and lack of awe that is a marker of her great granddaughter Opal’s life.

This disparity of expectations and belief to what is normal does mean they both have to step back occasionally. If you have family members of different generations living together you do get the opportunity to keep abreast of modern trends, you probably have an electronics expert in your own home and you do get a chance to learn the ways of aliens!

But the overriding lesson you can all learn is respect of different beliefs and tolerance. There is no way grandma is going to change her views of what is right and wrong, sensible bed times etc. and there is no way that your youngsters are going to keep their views to themselves! If you keep reminding each other that beliefs are not for debate, feelings are to be accepted and its only behaviour and respect to each other that really matters then you might find a way to have harmony and hopefully some fun and laughter as well.

All else I can say is Good Luck!

Love and blessings, Anne x x

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