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My name is James Bennett (27) and I am a professional musician with over 10 years of teaching experience (CTLLS qualified). As a performing musician I have diverse experience, both live and in the studio.

Whilst I primarily consider myself to be a guitarist, I have had just as much experience both singing and playing upright/electric bass in bands, including my Jazz/Latin band 'the Mojo Cats'.

I am constantly learning new ideas and currently very focussed on pop, rock and jazz, as well as spanish/classical guitar playing. However I love all music and enjoy nothing more than overcoming new challenges and performing with other good musicians.

Current musical projects include...

Band = The 'Mojo Cats'
Instrument/Role = Lead Vocals & Double Bass
Style = Swing & Latin jazz (with optional brass section).

Band = 'Oblivion'
Instrument/Role = Electric Lead Guitar
Style = Classic Rock & Metal covers band.

Band = The 'Police Cover-Up'
Instrument/Role = Electric Guitar/Backing Vox
Style = Sting & The Police tribute band.

Band = 'Get Down'
Instrument/Role = Funk Guitar & Backing Vocals
Style = Disco/Funk/Pop Function Band

Previous musical projects include...

Band = The Fallen Apples
Instrument/Role = Double Bass and Vocals
Style = Skiffle/Gypsy Jazz/Irish/Bluegrass

Band = Re-Offender
Instrument/Role = Electric Bass & Vocals
Style = Indie Rock Covers Band

Band = Ryan Inglis Band
Instrument/Role = Electric Bass
Style = Singer-Songwriter/Acoustic Pop-Rock

Band = Gripshift
Instrument/Role = Electric Guitar
Style = Modern Metal Originals Band

Looking for: networking, collaboration and interesting things.


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13 Oct 2010

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