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Being a learner is waking up to the rest of your life....

Yearning and learning go hand in hand. Life is about longing, searching and experiencing.....

Life is most exciting when you take up new challenges or create new ideas. We spend so much time learning facts,passing exams and proving ability to achieve status, livelihood, recognition. But the real life is experiencing and understanding emotions.

By expressing your ideas, by looking for new ways to learn and by trying to understand yourself and seeing unexpected reactions of others is the greatest path to spiritual and emotional life satisfaction. It is always important to express - as a learner it might be questions or performance, as a teacher our expressions pose questions to others or cause ripples of new desires to learn and become....

Try to express emotions through learning Raga music, writing ad hoc poetry and song lyrics, painting, get involved in short drama/acting and learn about ancient traditions and philosophies.

Raga Music - creating, healing and relaxing
This form of music is an extremely ancient tradition and classified as Classical Art Music of India. It is the basis of all Hindustani music and a real privilege to learn. Life is incomplete until you have experienced this music.

Traditional teaching is by the learning cycle of teaching-learning-immediate feedback or Guru Bidya.

Living in the UK, it is often hard to have teaching from one of the great Gurus at your doorstep, but thanks to the Great gift of the internet, the distance of the Guru is only a click away!

The Raga form is true improvisation within set rules. That is, you can express your unique emotions and energy into the music so that the output of Raga becomes a captured moment -a timeless experience - never to be repeated in the same form again.

Sometimes, the barriers of language, culture, religion separates us in this secular life-style, but music is the way to traverse all these barriers:
From the first moment I uttered 'Sa' I had a profound desire to learn, practise and perfect Raga music. Through this great desire - I have had the privilege of being taught by many teachers.

Looking for: teachers and collaboration.

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