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Barry Hawkes | Wing Chun Kung Fu teacher


Make an enquiry Phone: 07777 633325

My name is Barry Hawkes and I am the instructor at Northaw branch (near Potters Bar) of the UK Wing Chun Kung Fu Association. I started training in 2002 and have been teaching since 2005. I orginally started my training under the instruction of Sifu Mark Phillips at London HQ and still train under Sifu Phillips every week. I also attend the UK HQ in Rayleigh, Essex under the instruction of Master James Sinclair, a well renowned and respected martial artist.

Wing Chun Kung Fu interested me from my first lesson because it seemed logical and straight forward. The art is guided by three core principals - 1) economy of motion, 2) the centre line theory, and 3) simultaneous defence and attack by way of interception. I try with my training and teaching to always have these principals in mind and am constantly re-defining how simple and effective Wing Chun really is.

Northaw branch, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire has a mix of students, from beginners that have never trained any kind of martial art before to students that have been training for over 10 years. We have both male and female students of all ages. We have a beginners class and an intermediate class running at the moment on a Monday evening. The beginners class starts at 7pm and runs until 8.15pm and then there is an intermediate class which runs from 8.15 pm to 9.30pm.

We pride ourselves at Northaw in being able to learn Wing Chun Kung Fu in a safe and friendly environment. The school has a good atmosphere with all levels of students working together to get better and many of the students over time have become good friends.

Here is a bit of background on the martial art that is Wing Chun Kung Fu:
Firstly Wing Chun Kung Fu is a southern Chinese style of Kung Fu made famous by Bruce Lee. It is very effective as self defence and can get and keep you fit as well. It is not flowery with high jumps or spinning kicks; it uses basic structures and shapes so you can defeat an attacker in the quickest possible time using the least possible energy and causing the most possible damage to a would be attacker. It can be learnt relatively quickly but like all things in life it would take time and training to become good. The English translation of Kung Fu is Hard Work so you will get out of it what you put in.

For further information please look on our web site, email me or give me a ring.
07777 633325

Northaw Village Hall
5 Northaw Road West
Potters Bar
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Aimed at: Beginner and Intermediate.


You may join our branch at any time and here are the fees:

You would start on a 4 week trial (just so you can try it out and make sure you wish to join the school). The fee for this is £35. We have found that this is an excellent way for you to attend 4 classes and be confident that you are happy with the teacher, school, environment and also get along with the skills Wing Chun can offer you. Once you have completed the 4 week trial you will need to join the association at a cost of £50. This insures you against accidents, gives you membership to the organisation and your licence book, you also receive a training T-Shirt with your first years membership. This charge is only paid once a year on the month you started and every member of the association pays this including all teachers. Fees to train are paid per calender month and are £35 paid on the first Monday of the month. Once you are a fully paid up member of the association and you have your membership book you can train at any of our part time schools for free at the level you are. So if you are a beginner you could train two or three times a week if you don't mind travelling a to another branch. (There are currently two other part time classes within 25 miles of Northaw both offering beginners classes) so you might be able to train 3 times a week for just £35 a month.

Make an enquiry Phone: 07777 633325

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