Jane Turner

Tai Chi teacher

Based in
Paddock Wood, United Kingdom
Also teaches in about a 10 mile radius of Paddock Wood for classes and private lessons, Coxheath nr Maidstone, incl. Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells
Jane Turner | Tai Chi teacher

Rates: Variable

Make an enquiry Phone: 01892 836252 or 07727011292

I have been practicing Tai Chi since about 1998, initially because I was interested in alternative methods of exercise and the culture and traditions which accompanied Tai Chi. I was working in a very high stress/risk profession at the time and found the release of tension and stress extremely useful. I had also suffered with hip and pelvis problems for many years and found that these were considerably reduced as I increase my practice of Tai Chi, saving me a fortune on osteopath and chiropractor bills!

At first I studied the Yang simplified 24 Form under an excellent teacher, Trisha Barber whom had learnt from a master in Beijing. It was she who encouraged me to teach and so in 2001 my new career took its first steps.

I continued to study Tai Chi, learning the short and long forms of the Wu Dang, and then the Sabre Form, under a 2nd line teacher of Dan Docherty, and have attended a few workshops of the master himself. I have travelled in Asia, visiting Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia, and some of the exercises in my classes are taken from these experiences.

I have a very holistic approach to exercise. I teach students of all ages, abilities and fitness levels in the principles of Tai Chi, providing learning experiences which enable students to meet their goals within an environment that supports all individuals. Tai Chi is a complex and vast subject which encompasses both physical and mental exercise, as well as internal energy flow. It is a slow and gentle exercise, yet simultaneously extremely powerful. It can also be therapeutic for many ailments, illnesses and stresses, thereby attracting a wide range of people interested in learning it and I thoroughly enjoy helping them achieve their goals – even ones they didn’t know they wanted at the first lesson!

In 2010 I passed the Diploma for Teaching in the Lifelong Learning sector to further my development and build upon my teaching strategies. This has helped reach even more students with their diverse idiosyncrasies to pass on the joys and benefits of Tai Chi.

I have personal experience of how helpful and rehabilitating doing gentle Tai Chi can be. I was diagnosed with cancer in 2016 and was doing my Tai Chi exercises whilst still in hospital after a major operation.
Throughout the summer I had chemotherapy, followed by radiotherapy and was able to continue teaching one of my local classes throughout. It helped me enormously with my recovery, mentally and physically helping restore the equilibrium and balance within.

More recently I spent 4 days in hospital with Covid in November 2020, and again I found my Tai Chi/Qi Gong exercises and breathing invaluable in dealing with that, long covid and recovery.

I hope this inspires anyone who is not sure whether to take that first step in learning Tai Chi to do so. I look forward to hearing from you.

Group Classes

Qi Gong and Meditation Online

Qi Gong Zoom Class 7.30-8pm
Qi Gong and Meditation Zoom Class 8-8.30pm

Five Week Course Monday Evenings

The classes compliment each other and can also be done individually. Both are suitable for all ages, abilities and fitness levels.

Qi Gong literally means working with your energy
Practice can improves one's mental and physical health by integrating posture, movement and breathing. Qi Gong exercises are very gentle, stretching the body with focused intent and encouraging deeper breathing. It improves balance, strength and fitness, helping with posture, energy levels and general health.
It is more static than the Tai Chi Forms,so easier to do at home, needing only enough room to open arms wide and take one step forward. It works the body and mind in a very similar way to Tai Chi, using all the muscles, ligaments, tendons, massaging internal organs and calming the mind.

Meditation is a mind and body practice, increasing calmness and physical relaxation, enhancing overall health and well-being. It is about training in awareness and getting a healthy sense of perspective.

My classes can be done in pyjamas, particularly the meditation one, so you can deeply relax and unwind, clearing the stresses and concerns of the day, leaving you feeling peaceful and ready for a, hopefully, restorative sleep. I can almost guarantee you will have the best night’s sleep of the week!

Please email on [email protected] for more information.

It's a: 
Your own home
, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
Monday 18 October 2021 7.30 and 8pm
£35 per course £50 for both

Tai Chi for Beginners starting 14 September 2021

A NEW BEGINNERS CLASS is starting on 14 September 2021 It will then run continuously and new people are welcome to join at any time. Held in Coxheath Village Hall, this class is for beginners of all ages and abilities. Very friendly small class, aimed at helping keep the body moving, the joints supple and the mind active. It is suitable for all abilities, ages and fitness levels.

Wear loose comfortable clothing and footwear should be flat soled - socks or barefeet are acceptable initially.

It's a: 
Coxheath Village Hall
ME17 4PT, Coxheath, Maidstone, Kent, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
Every Tuesday morning 11 - 12noon
£8.00 or £7 if over 55years

Tai Chi for All

Held in Paddock Wood, this is a very friendly class which runs continuously, and is suitable for all abilities, ages and fitness levels.

Wear loose comfortable clothing and footwear should be flat soled - socks or barefeet are acceptable initialy

It's a: 
Winter Hall, St Andrew's Church
Paddock Wood, Tonbridge, Kent, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
Every Friday morning 9.30 - 10.30am
£8 or £7 for over 55yrs



I attend a class every week to maintain and improve my own skills and levels of both Tai Chi and Qi Gong.
I have also learnt the Fan Form as well as other weapons, such as Sabre, Straight Sword and Spear. I occassionaly demonstrate these when we sometimes meet outdoors during the summer months.

My mantra is for my students to learn to listen to their own bodies so they can work to the best of their abilities.

I have taught some students for over 15years and others much less, they all enjoy my classes and improve their fitness and both are equally important.

Jan 2012 - Aug 2021

Educational history

Diploma of Teaching in Lifelong Learning

October, 2008 - June, 2010
Canterbury Christchurch University


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.
Online teaching offered

Make an enquiry Phone: 01892 836252 or 07727011292

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