Jean Haines

Tai Chi teacher

Based in
Wigton, Cumbria, United Kingdom
Also teaches in UK
Jean Haines | Tai Chi teacher

Rates: £80 for 10 sessions

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Tai Chi is an art where the soft overcomes the hard, the calm subdues the aggressive , and the subtle transcends the gross. It is a method of bringing ourselves into harmony with ourselves, those people with whom we interact, and all the energies of our larger environment.

Tai Chi form develops internal strength. Pushing hands partner work develops sensitivity. Being externally relaxed whilst internally strong allows the possibility of resolving pressure without conflict.

Our interest is the deepening of the mind, through the mind body connection, using the genuine body sensations, mind intention and energy. Building inner harmony and internal strength together with physical relaxation and yielding.

Classes are twice weekly Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Yang style Tai Chi.....Master Huangs 5 Loosening Exercises.......Short and Long Form.......Partner Work .....Fast Fist and Meditation.

If you are looking for a practice that will deeply stimulate you, and you recognise that deep changes take time and commitment to develop, then please feel free to contact.

(Also available ;Hellerwork Structural Integration sessions ....please see individual lessons.)

Group Classes

Tai Chi

Yang Style Tai Chi
Short Form
Loosening Exercises
Partner work

It's a: 
Market Hall
Wigton, Cumbria, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
Every Tuesday 7-8.45pm
£35 for 6 sessions

Tai Chi

Weekend Workshops : For groups of 6 or more practitioners , who already have some experience of Tai Chi , and who are interested in deepening their awareness of their internal practice, workshops are available.
These are a series of workshops designed to introduce , or help practitioners, to deepen their understanding of Master Huangs' 5 Loosening exercises and how these inform the internal processes in the Tai Chi form and Partner work. To learn the choreography of the Short Form and the series of fixed pattern pushing hands.

These workshops are also designed to enable practitioners from other schools to be more fluent with this system and therefore be able to access the profound teachings of Patrick Kelly.

It's a: 
, Cumbria, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
Beginners : Tuesdays 7 - 8.45 Market Hall Wigton More experienced : Thursdays 7-9.30pm Bolton Low Houses Village Hall
£6 £60 for 10 sessions


Tai Chi

18 years Tai Chi practice.
16 years under the tuition and guidance of Patrick Kelly
14 years as an Instructor running classes

11 years as Hellerwork Structural Integration Practitioner and Body Centred Therapist.
20 years teaching Gymnastics.
20 years as a Midwife.

May 2012

Educational history

Tai Chi

January, 2009
Certified Instructor of Tai Chi with Patrick Kelly. Hellerwork Structural Integration Practioner. Advanced Hakomi Body Centred Psychotherapy Student. SRN Midwife Gymnastic club coach.



Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.


Cost £80 for 10 sessions payable in advance.

Beginners class Tuesdays Market Hall Wigton 7-8.45 New beginners to start 2nd Tueday in September

Intermediate and Advanced Thursdays 7-9.30pm
Bolton Low Houses Village Hall

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