Robin.j Gardiner

Wing Chun/Taiji teacher

Based in
Richmond upon Thames, London, United Kingdom
Also teaches in London all areas/ hastings
Robin.j Gardiner | Wing Chun/Taiji teacher

Rates: £25 per hour class

Make an enquiry Phone: 01424 715411

Why train in Wing chun /taiji
Over the last 50 years I have gained a tremendous amount of insight in how martial arts, Tai chi, Wing Chun,Bagua Qi Gong contributes to your overall well-being. Promoting good health as well as flexibility better cardiovascular functions and aiming towards longevity.
Get in the best shape of your life! stay fit with Wingchun /taiji
How to sharpen your natural,visual and tactile reflexes to generate responses needed for blazing speed and quickness...Respond to any threat in a fraction of a second...Simply tap into your deepest source of explosive animal power and let it go!

Robin Gardiner 5 Dan.
From 1969 my wing chun took new shape as i learned new ideas of integrating now nearly 50 years of internal martial arts wing chun, Taiji, Bagua, h-sing I into my system.

The style of wing chun/taiji is non traditional as it has been developed with the understanding of the principles of Tai Ji, Bagua ,Hsing I.

Family Tree Wing Chun

Yip Man
William Cheung
Robin Gardiner

Family Tree Tai Ji Chuan

Chen Chang Xing
Yang Li Chen
Yan Banhou
Quan You
Lou Feng Shan
Rose Li

Family Tree Bagua Lineage influences

Dong Hai Chuan
GengJi Shan
Tung Yun Feng
Rose Shao Chiang li
Robin Gardiner



NVQ In Sports coaching Teaching Instructing and Allied Occupations in the context of Chinese Martial Arts

Uk Coach Award 2004

Black Belt 5th Dan Wing Chun Head Teacher/researcher

Jun 1997 - Sep 1999

Educational history

Wing Chun Black Belt 4th Dan

April, 1993 - April, 2008
Academy of Martial Arts
19 years of training in non traditional wing chun.6 years Tai Ji Chuan and Bagua Training .2 years Capoiera


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.


All students will have to pay annual membership fee and insurance £30

Make an enquiry Phone: 01424 715411

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