Mark Peters

Tai Chi Chuan trainer

Based in
Birmingham, United Kingdom
Also teaches in France, Great Britain, Italy, USA
Mark Peters | Tai Chi Chuan trainer

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We run a friendly and open tai chi association providing regular classes, workshops and residential weekends. we also provide workshops and sessions on-site for schools, colleges, conferences and workplace events.
In addition to tai chi and chi-kung (qigong) we teach NLP, hypnosis and CBT; see
We combine tai chi and NLP for rehab training within te NHS

Group Classes

tai chi class in Bournville

We teach Cheng Man Ching style Tai Chi, Chi-kung and relaxation in the beginners class. The intermediate/advanced progresses to Push-hands and straight sword practice.
We cover both the health and martial aspects. full class lists can be found at

It's a: 
Weoley Hill Church Hall, Green Meadow Road
Green Meadow Roar, Selly Oak, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
Thursday evenings 7.30pm beginners
£5 per session

Tai Chi for Falls Prevention

Forthcoming Tai Chi for falls prevention training course starts May 2018

Why is balance important?

Balance seems to deteriorate from the age of forty, some say even earlier. It is a case of "use or lose it". In elderly people, poor balance more than doubles the risk of being seriously injured in a fall. Research into the falls of elderly people shows that:

• With strength, balance and endurance training, the risk of falling is reduced by 10%.

• With specialised balance training, the risk of falling is reduced by 25%.

• With regular Taiji training, the risk of falling is reduced by 47%.

The course will include both standing and seated tai chi and chi-kung exercise, plus relaxation techniques and use of guided imagery. Also included will be aspects of NLP and CBT to enable you to increase patient motivations, overcome their phobic response to their condition and reframe their anxieties.

For further details and to book call Mark Peters on 0121 251 6172 or e-mail [email protected]

The price for the one day workshop is £100 per person and places are strictly limited to ensure quality of delivery. please e-mail or call for a booking form.

If you are interested in full training courses, the next one is planned to start on 14th June in Birmingham

Tai Chi for falls prevention training dates for South Birmingham
Initial 4 days - for dates please e-mail us
1st follow up - 3 months later
2nd follow up - 3 months after that
Tai chi for falls prevention training is designed to harness the well documented therapeutic benefits of Tai Chi and Chi-Kung along with Alexander Technique, NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy, CBT etc. The aim is to create change both mental and physical, and to encourage continued personal development.

Key Benefits
Improved mind & body awareness through Tai Chi skills
improved personal stability/alignment and relaxation
Change people's phobic response to their conditions (read more under NLP and CBT)
Ideal both seated and more able bodied people
This 8 day course is delivered in sections:

section 1 - 4 days - this will give you the basis for running tai chi rehab classes for patients
section 2 - 2 days - this first follow-up at 3 months will review the initial work, how your classes are running and teach further aspects of the program
section 3 - 2 days - this final section at a further 3 months will again review work to date plus add the balance of the training
annual CPD's - these will ensure continued development and support
For details and to book call us on 0121 251 6172 or e-mail us at [email protected]

Mark Peters -- Trainer, Coach & Therapist

Balanced Approach are an accredited NHS provider

It's a: 
Hopwood Village Hall, Hopwood
Redditch Road, Hopwood, Birmingham, west midlands, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
14th May 2018 9am - 5pm
£100 (discount available for multi-places)

tai chi for cardiac rehabilitation

come yourself or ask to be refered by yor GP or Hospital.
We are also working with COPD patients

It's a: 
Weoley Hill United reformed Church
Green Meadow Road, Bournville, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
Thursday 2pm

Cheng Man Ching style Tai Chi

It's a: 
Quakers meeting House
Sandhills Road, Barnt Green, Worcestershire, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
Tuesday 7 - 9pm
£5 per class, £50 per block

Cheng Man Ching style Tai Chi Chuan

It's a: 
Dame Elizabeth Cadbury School
Woodbrooke Road, Bournville, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
Wednesday 7 - 9pm
£5 per lass, £50 per 10 week block


Master teacher

Having trained extensively in the UK and Asia, I have been published in a number of martial magazine both here and the US. In addition to this I have a range of DVD titles plus a book published.

I am now heavily involved with training NHS staff to use tia chi and chi-kung for rehabilitation.

Jan 1989 - Sep 2009

Educational history

master instructor (5th Dwan)

January, 1989 - September, 2009
I intially trained with Nigel Suttons Zhong Ding Taijiquan organisation from '89 to 1994 then continued training in Taiwan, from there training with Peter Ralston and Willie Lim. You never stop learning so I never stop training.


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

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