Wan-Ley Yeung

Lishi Tai Chi Kung Fu Class teacher

Based in
Greater Manchester, United Kingdom
Also teaches in 13.30pm-15.00pm, Allerton Building Room 212, Salford University
Wan-Ley Yeung | Lishi Tai Chi Kung Fu Class teacher

Rates: £6

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I have been training in Lishi for over 10 years.
Year on year, I find that you learn more about yourself and the world around you. Practice leads to a feeling that you are really alive and in the world. This is all achieved through learning an ancient chinese system of health related movements and exercises it promotes all-round well-being, health and fitness.

The Li style tai chi form is a great place to start your journey into Lishi (pronounced "Lee Sher").

Alone, tai chi is a useful finger, but when learned alongside other Lishi arts, it becomes a complete set of hands from which you develop the dexterity and skills to manoeuvre playfully through life. These arts include daoist kai-men yoga exercises, breathing exercises, 'soft' kung fu, massage techniques and chi gong, amongst other flowing chinese moves and forms.

As a starting point, Lishi involves moving and exercising your body in a variety of different ways that have proven, positive benefits for your physical, mental and emotional health. During the successive classes you will be taken through the foundations of Li style tai-chi, and other Lishi arts. By practising Lishi you become physically, mentally and spiritually fit.

Lishi is an ancient system of practise that contains many secrets that will continually support you to take your health and well being to higher and higher levels.

Everyone who practices Lishi is different, but what we have in common is that we want to feel greater levels of health and energy in our bodies because we realise this is the key to improving our lives. For more information visit http://www.lishi.org though the best thing you can do is get yourself along to a class and begin experiencing the journey for yourself.


Aimed at: Beginner

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