Sheila Waddington

wild goose qigong teacher

Based in
Manchester, United Kingdom
Also teaches in Cheshire, Manchester, Merseysde, Stockport, Trafford, warrington
Sheila Waddington | wild goose qigong teacher

Rates: Varied and tiered, average £5 per class, £30 private tuition

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I started studying Qigong in 1990 and teaching in 1995. Have visited China twice, learning from top Masters to extend skills. Qigong is the medicine of the future - keeping the body moving and breathing well can alleviate many common illnesses, Wild Goose Qigong is the best complete system I know of that uses ancient knowledge of meridians and energy centres to balance the body, many aspects of which are now being proven by quantum science on a cellular and macro level.

Regular practise will clear the mind, strengthen the body and calm the emotions.

It is my joy to teach Qigong, I believe everyone should at least know some of exercises to maintain health and would like to see qigong taught daily in hospitals and schools. Certainly everyone over 50 would benefit from preparing their body for their future years, qigong keeps the body supple and co-ordinated, releases tension and moves stagnant qi.

In China qigong therapy is used as part of hospital treatment, particularly for cancer patients who are required to take daily instruction/practise in qigong for several weeks prior to Chemotherapy. Qigong builds up the immune system to encourage a speedy recovery.

Group Classes

Wild Goose Qigong

From Sept 2010 until Sept 2011
New comers welcome at any time
Over the year we will concentrate on:-
Wild Goose 2
Bone Marrow Washing
Tripod and Spiral Qigong
Microcosmic Orbit

Basic principles of Qigong practice
Wild Goose 1 (1st 64 movements)
Soft Palms Qigong
Primordial Qigong

weekend seminars:
Wild Goose 1 (November)
Others to be arranged for Easter and May/June- check the website for details.
Tel 0161 374 0207

It's a: 
New Dawn Centre, Northern Moor
Button Lane,Manchester M23 0ND, Manchester, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
Wednesdays 7.30-8.30pm Term time
Donation - guideline £5


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

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