Rock Guitar - Advanced Soloing Techniques

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Are you an intermediate or advanced guitarist? Have you considered spicing up your playing with some new ideas, advanced techniques or 'stunt guitar' tricks? This lesson has been developed especially for you!

During this lesson we will go beyond the 'pentatonic scale' by covering more interesting scales and melodic possibilities. During this segment of the lesson I will also teach you impressive licks as used by virtuoso rock guitarists including Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert and Steve Vai etc, and how to implement them in to your own solos.

By the end of this lesson you will have learnt a vocabulary of advanced rock techniques including 'tapping', 'legato', 'sweep picking', 'sweep-tapping', 'artificial harmonics', 'harp harmonics', 'tremelo picking', 'fast alternative picking' and 'divebombs'.

This lesson is about taking your rock guitar solos to the next level by learning to improvise around advanced techniques in a way that is both impressive and musical.

  • I teach from home (or a fixed venue)

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HOW LONG: 1 Hours

LEVEL: Advanced

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03 Aug 2011
13 Oct 2010

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